Tell Your Senators to Keep the Fair School Funding Plan in the Budget Bill

By Katie Johnson posted 15 days ago


The Senate is considering changes to the state budget bill, House Bill (HB) 110, which may remove the Fair School Funding Plan from the bill and replace it with a different funding mechanism.

The Fair School Funding Plan, originally contained in HB 1, must be used as the foundation for the development of a school-funding model that is rational, transparent, and fair. The Plan was developed over a three-year period by educational practitioners who shared their work and sought the feedback of public school leaders from across the state. The workgroup members analyzed national research, best practices, and actual Ohio school district spending data. They also drew on their own extensive experience in educating students and operating school districts to make recommendations for a school-funding system that meets the needs of all Ohio’s students in the 21st century. The plan has been fully vetted and approved by the House of Representatives.

It is essential for you to contact your Senator NOW and emphasize the need that the Fair School Funding Plan must be used as the foundation for school-funding discussions as the budget bill is developed. It is imperative that Senators continue to hold hearings to fully vet the plan and to ensure they understand the components that make up this constitutionally sound plan:

  1. A base cost that defines the costs for educating a “typical child” in Ohio;
  2. A determination of the local share based upon the ability of a school district’s community to generate revenue considering its income level and its property values;
  3. Categorical aid that addresses the unique needs of economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, gifted students, and English learners.


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In addition to contacting your Senator, please also reach out to Senate leadership:


Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of the Fair School Funding Plan. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.


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