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    We are not alone, but we are lonely. COVID-19 has taken an emotional toll on employees and has compounded stress and loneliness in an already stressed and increasingly lonely workforce. The continued fear, uncertainty, upended routines, financial ...

  • As some communities in the United States open K-12 schools, CDC offers the following considerations for ways in which schools can help protect students, teachers, administrators, and staff and slow the spread of COVID-19. Schools can determine, in collaboration ...

  • Many vision-related symptoms have long been recognized as being associated with demanding visual work-especially near visual work. Administrative assistants, students, anyone at a workstation with demanding, near visual jobs have experienced these symptoms. ...

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    Does anyone have any thoughts/guidance on the payroll tax deferment that Trump announced over the weekend? Many of my organization's employees have been asking about it and indicating that it is something they want to opt out of (if it is in fact just a deferment and not a holiday.) https://www.whitehouse.gov/ presidential-actions/ memorandum-deferring-payroll- tax-obligations-light-ongoing- covid-19-disaster/ ...

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    We currently use SCView for our A/P, A/R and a few online forms. We'd like to expand into the kiosk and time sheet portion, but currently Frontline/AESOP doesn't communicate with SCView. Is anyone else in the same boat? Have you contacted anyone at Frontline about this? From what I understand from Strategic Solutions, they have tried reaching out many times, but with no success. Thank you! ------------------------------ ...

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    My HP4350 has been a real work horse! You can switch the toner cartridges from MICR to regular to save the MICR for checks, since they are expensive.

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