House Unveils Budget Bill Changes

By Katie Johnson posted 30 days ago


The House Finance Committee yesterday accepted a substitute version of the biennial budget bill, House Bill (HB) 110. Sub. HB 110 includes the Fair School Funding Plan (HB 1), with modifications.

Linked below, please find a copy of (i) the "Comparison Document" published by the Legislative Service Commission that compares Gov. Mike DeWine's budget proposal to the House’s budget proposal, (ii) the education-related section of the Comparison Document, and (iii) the "Highlights of Substitute House Bill 110" from the Ohio House of Representatives.

Updated simulations have not yet been released. Additional details and analysis will be shared with members in the coming days.

The House Finance Committee is holding hearings this week on the budget bill, and another round of changes to the bill may occur as soon as next week. A full vote of the House on the bill is expected as soon as April 22.

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