Budget Bill – House Bill 110

By Katie Johnson posted 2 days ago


Speaker Cupp indicated that the Fair School Funding Plan will be reflected in the House’s version of the budget when it is introduced. Governor DeWine acknowledged the General Assembly’s efforts to develop a new school funding formula when he introduced his version of the budget earlier this month. The governor’s proposed budget included FY19 funding levels for K-12 schools and increased funding for Student Wellness and Success Funds in FY22 and FY23. Click here to access district-by-district simulations produced by the Office of Budget and Management (Student Wellness and Success Funds section). Bill text, LSC Analysis and Fiscal Notes.

The governor’s proposal includes:

  • Student Wellness and Success Fund – provides $1.1 billion over the biennium with $500 million being proposed for FY22 and $600 million proposed for FY23. This represents a $300 million increase over the biennium.
  • “Investing in Ohio” Initiative – provides $16 million to support 70,000 students earning industry-recognized credentials and $290 million to expand access to broadband services;
  • Charter Schools – $20.6 million for charter school facilities and $54 million per year, up from the current $30 million per year, for an incentive fund for charter schools that meet certain quality criteria;
  • EdChoice Expansion (i.e., Income-based EdChoice Vouchers) – $92.18 million per year, a $7.1 million increase per year, for the EdChoice expansion program, which has increased from 200 percent of the federal poverty level to 250 percent.

We will provide testimony when the opportunity presents itself.