Fair School Funding Plan Update

By Katie Johnson posted 10 days ago


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our advocacy efforts in moving the Fair School Funding Plan forward. In the final months of the 133rd General Assembly, Sub. H.B. 305 received a unanimous vote out of the House Finance Committee and an overwhelming majority vote in the Ohio House of Representatives (87-9) to approve the first comprehensive school funding formula overhaul in decades. Unfortunately, the Fair School Funding Plan did not make it through the Senate in December. However, funding for the requested studies was provided in the Capital Appropriation Bill (S.B. 310).

Your efforts have helped to create such positive momentum that there are already plans to introduce the Fair School Funding Plan in the 134th General Assembly. If you have not already done so, please take the time in the next few weeks to introduce yourself to newly elected legislators. Offer to be a resource to them as they acquaint themselves with school funding and operations. This is also the perfect time to reconnect with your legislators who are returning for another term.  Please click here for a sample letter to legislators. Spreadsheets with contact information for members of the House and Senate can be found in the Advocacy Hub Library by clicking here.

Please continue your discussions with representatives in the Ohio House and Senate to ensure we maintain this positive momentum. Together, we can ensure all children in Ohio receive the education they need to succeed!

Additional details related to the Fair School Funding Plan will be shared by members of the Work Group and others on the OASBO Advocacy Hub.