Fair School Funding Plan (Sub. H.B. 305 and S.B. 376) – School District Leaders – WE NEED YOU!

By Katie Johnson posted 11-24-2020 04:45 PM


Last week, the House and Senate Finance Committees held hearings on the Fair School Funding Plan. Members of the Cupp/Patterson Work Group (the Work Group) provided testimony on Substitute (Sub.) House Bill (HB) 305 in the House Finance Committee on Tuesday. In addition to the Work Group testimony, school district leaders from across the state presented testimony for their respective regions. On Wednesday, members of the Work Group also provided testimony in the Senate Finance Committee on Senate Bill (SB) 376, a companion bill to Sub. HB 305.

Additional hearings in both the House and Senate Finance Committees are expected to be scheduled the first week of December. We will provide the date and time of those hearings once scheduled. We expect that the school district leaders who presented testimony for their respective regions in the House Finance Committee will have the opportunity to testify again in the Senate Finance Committee. Links to their testimony are included below. If you have not already signed on to your region’s testimony, please consider doing so. You can sign on by clicking here.

It is critical that you contact your local legislators, especially your senators, and stress the importance of passing the Fair School Funding Plan before the end of the year.

The Fair School Funding Plan delivers the adequate and equitable level of funding necessary to provide opportunities for all public school students across the state. We have included resources below to assist you in this effort.

Important Resources

To view testimony from your region, click the links below: