Effective Workplace Safety Review

By Jim Wirth posted 27 days ago


Do you ever wonder how your safety process compares with best practices? You may already be familiar with these guidelines but if you are taking care of these items you will be moving in a positive direction.

  1. Visible Senior Management Leadership: Do you or other senior leadership actively support all aspects of safety and associate involvement?

  2. Associate Involvement and Recognition: Do your associates have the opportunity to share ideas or concerns? Do you recognize accomplishments?

  3. Timely reporting of incidents/accidents: Do your associates understand the process to report incidents/accidents timely? Do supervisors conduct the review process?  Is there a process to report claims timely to your Managed Care Organization (MCO)?

  4. Effective Communication: Is there a process to share information with your associates? Are there opportunities for feedback?

  5. Early Return to Work: Do you have a process in place that ensures prompt treatment for injuries and encourages associates to return to work after injury or illness? Is there a process to communicate with them while they are off?

  6. Safety Process Coordination: Who in your organization has responsibility for safety? Are they provided with adequate time and monetary resources in order to be successful?

  7. Orientation and Training: Do all of your associates go through orientation and participate in regular training? Is there an audit process to ensure effectiveness?

  8. Documented Safe Work Practices: Do you have written and communicated safe work practices and rules? Is there access/instruction for appropriate PPE?

  9. A Written Safety and Health Policy: Does your organization have a written and communicated safety policy?

  10. Internal Process Verification: Do you have an audit process to ensure all safety/work requirements are implemented and effective?

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact Jim Wirth, 614.546.7331 or jim.wirth@sedgwick.com.