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Kristy Stoicoiu, Treasurer, Cuyahoga Falls City Schools

By Kristy Stoicoiu posted 7 days ago


How many years have you been in the school business profession?

I think it's 16 years now.

How did you first learn about the school business profession and get involved?

I am a byproduct of two teachers as parents. I had originally gotten my accounting degree and was not looking for that typical route, and when talking with my parents I then got involved with the school business side.

What do you feel is the most important part of your job?

Just being responsible to the taxpayers and being a good steward of public funds. I think it's important to be transparent with our community and engage them in everything that we're doing, so they feel that trust with us.

What about your personal bucket list?

I've always said, and I've only gone to a couple, but I'm a huge baseball fan, so I would like to go see the Guardians, formerly the Indians, in every stadium around the country. I think that would be cool.

Who is your hero?

My parents are probably both my heroes. They instilled this whole education thing in us, being teachers. And they made sure that we took that seriously. Obviously, it's a road I have gone down. I have my siblings and in-laws and staff are also involved in education.

If you were an office supply item, what would you be and why?

In my mind, I think it's not an office supply item, but a bunch of browser tabs. I always have browser tabs in my head. I'm like a 70-browser tab kind of person.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Friends. That's my go-to that's usually what's on when I fall asleep.

Favorite movie?

A League of Their Own.

Favorite food?

Potatoes anyway, anyhow.

When someone finds out what you do, what's the first question they always ask?

They often ask if I have to work in the summer.

How many years have you been an OASBO member?

I believe it's probably been close to the 16 years that I've been doing this job. I can't remember the first couple, but it's pretty close to that.

What roles and positions have you held in OASBO?

I am currently the president of the Five County Chapter and I am the chairperson of the DEI committee.

What's been your favorite part of OASBO?

The networking and the people I've met. There are some great people in this profession and being able to rely on each other, especially in these kinds of times where everything is getting a little bit crazy. So, that's really the best part of it for me.