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Five Voting Sessions Remain: With the Upcoming Election, the Return of Lame Duck

By Katie Johnson posted 10-21-2022 08:42 AM


As we head into “lame duck” and the upcoming biennium budget, it is important that you connect with your legislators in the next few weeks. Following the Nov. 8 election, both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives have just five voting sessions scheduled for the remainder of the 134th General Assembly, including: 

Nov. 30: House and Senate

Dec. 1: House

Dec. 7: Senate

Dec. 14: House and Senate

Dec. 21: House and Senate

The time after the November election to the end of the General Assembly’s term at the end of December is often referred to as “lame duck.” It is the last opportunity for legislators to take action before the end of this term. Legislation moves very quickly during this time. If you have not already made a connection with your legislators, please use the next few weeks to do so. You can find current contact information here.