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Update on HB 126, HB 140, and HB 123 – Senate Ways & Means Committee

By Katie Johnson posted 10-04-2021 09:41 AM


Please continue your efforts to communicate the detrimental impact of three bills pending in the Senate Ways and Means Committee – Property Valuation Challenges and the Board of Revisions Process (HB 126); Modification of Ballot Language and Election Notices (HB 140); and Community Reinvestment Areas (HB 123). Additional details and talking points on these three bills can be found in the e-Alert sent to members on September 14, also linked here.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee heard sponsor and proponent testimony on HB 126 and HB 140, as well as sponsor testimony on HB 123. Opposition testimony on these bills is not anticipated in the next few weeks, but that can always change, so please use this time to continue your advocacy efforts by scheduling meetings, drafting testimony and talking about these bills with your communities.

It is critical that your Senator hears from you and understands the impact these three bills will have on your school district. If you have not already done so, please consider initiating the following:

  • Schedule a call/zoom with your Senator. Work with your treasurer, superintendent, and board to schedule a call or zoom with your Senator to discuss how the three bills will impact your district.
  • Send an e-mail to your Senator. Send an email to your Senator summarizing your concerns so that he/she has it as a reference for future discussions on the bills.
  • Testify in Opposition. For two of the bills (HB 126 and HB 140), this will be the third time the Committee is considering the proposed legislation. It would be impactful to have a large number of school districts submit testimony opposing the legislation. As noted, we do not know when testimony will be scheduled, but it could be in the next few weeks. We will keep you updated on hearing dates and information as it is released. However, you can work on the testimony now. You can find sample testimony from school leaders and other school-related advocates who have submitted testimony on prior versions of these bills here: BOR Process, Ballot Language, and CRA Legislation. (Please note that you may need to scroll down the page to view opponent testimony after clicking links.)


In addition to your Senator, please share your district’s concerns and personal story with members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. It is crucial that committee members have an understanding of the negative impacts of these pieces of legislation as they prepare to hear more testimony and consider whether or not they should pass these bills out of committee and to the Senate floor for a vote.


Thank you for all of your advocacy efforts! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.