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Education Finance/ODE Advisory Committee – Five-Year Forecast Rule

By Katie Johnson posted 09-27-2021 03:22 PM


Recently, a subcommittee of the OASBO Ed Finance & ODE Advisory Committee was convened by Tom Siloy, Committee Chair, to review proposed updates to several Ohio Administrative Code rules, including a rule applicable to the five-year forecast. The proposed rule changes are part of an ongoing process at the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to review and update Ohio Administrative Code rules. Currently, ODE is reviewing Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3301-92, which consists of three different rules jointly adopted by the state superintendent of public instruction and the auditor of state:



ORC Section which Promulgates

Five Year Review Due Date


Capital improvement and maintenance fund




Reporting Data 

(Five-year forecast)




Certification of adequate revenue

(412 Certificate)




Department representatives met with representatives from the Auditor of State’s office to prepare draft updates of the rules to be sure both agencies agreed to a common starting point for stakeholder engagement.

As part of the stakeholder engagement process, ODE contacted OASBO to solicit feedback on the proposed rule changes. The OASBO Ed Finance Subcommittee reviewed the proposed changes and rationale provided by ODE, and, in response, provided comments and suggestions for ODE’s consideration. Prior to submitting the OASBO Ed Finance Subcommittee’s feedback to ODE, the Subcommittee presented its suggestions to the entire Ed Finance Committee at its regular meeting on Aug. 18, which resulted in additional revisions and suggestions prior to finalizing the feedback to ODE.

We appreciate members of the Ed Finance Committee taking the time to carefully review the proposed rule changes and to provide feedback to ODE as part of its stakeholder process. To say that your “to-do” list is already full would be an understatement. Thank you for your service to OASBO and ODE.

We will share updates with members related to the proposed changes upon receipt. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Siloy or me. To join the Ed Finance Committee click here.