Fair School Funding Plan – House Bill 1

By Katie Johnson posted 2 days ago


Following the historic vote in the House last year, the Fair School Funding Plan has reemerged as the House’s top priority for the 134th General Assembly. The Fair School Funding Plan, introduced as House Bill (HB) 1, is scheduled for three hearings this week. The Workgroup will testify on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the education associations providing testimony on Thursday morning. We anticipate additional hearings to be scheduled next week with the opportunity for members to testify. Similar to last year, we plan to submit testimony in support of HB 1 by region. If you have not signed-on to your region’s testimony and wish to do so, please submit your support. Click here to check if you previousy signed-on to the testimony. Click here to sign-on, if you have not.

Your contacts with legislators and discussions with your communities have had a powerful impact. Please continue your outreach to your local legislators. Members in both the House and Senate need to hear your support for this plan. Click here for the talking points document drafted in response to questions from the Senate for reference as you prepare with your superintendent and board for these discussions.