Certificate of Transition – House Bill 450

By Katie Johnson posted 10 days ago


House Bill (H.B.) 450, passed by the 133rd Ohio General Assembly, was signed by Governor DeWine on Jan. 7, 2021, and will become effective in 90 days. The bill requires a fiscal officer of certain political subdivisions, including a treasurer/CFO of school districts, to provide a certificate of transition (the Certificate) to the successor treasurer/CFO when leaving office. The Certificate must be signed when a fiscal officer transitions to his or her successor, with the fiscal officer retaining one copy of the Certificate and a second copy of the Certificate, which is to be provided to the successor fiscal officer.

The form and substance of the Certificate are to be prescribed by the Auditor of State (AOS) and it must include an inventory of items required to be delivered by the fiscal officers under current law, as well as any other information required by the AOS. Under current law, ORC § 3313.28 requires a treasurer/CFO to provide to his or her successor “all books and papers in the treasurer's hands relating to the affairs of the district.” Therefore, the Certificate to be proscribed by the AOS for use by treasurers/CFOs will contain an inventory of items covered by ORC § 3313.28, as well as other information identified by the AOS.

Before prescribing the form and substance of the Certificate, H.B. 450 requires the AOS to solicit input from practitioners or affiliated groups, like OASBO. We anticipate that members of the OASBO AOS Advisory Committee will help to serve in this role. Please feel free to share any suggestions you may have with Matt King (AOS Advisory Committee Chair), Larry Johnston (AOS Advisory Committee Vice Chair), a member of the committee, or me. OASBO will keep members updated on this and other issues through the Advocacy Hub.

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