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What’s Your Fire Safety Rating?

By Jim Wirth posted 07-14-2021 01:36 PM


The maintenance department in each district works hard all year long to keep the district running smoothly but the summer months are a little busier! How well do your associates know and follow good fire safety practices? Ask these questions to find your strengths and weaknesses in fire safety:

  • Do I know the location of fire extinguishers and alarm boxes in each area I work?
  • Do I know what fire extinguishers to use for each flammable or combustible chemical I use?
  • Do I know and understand fire safety precautions for materials as outlined in warning labels or SDSs?
  • Do I keep flammable and combustible materials away from heat and machinery?
  • Do I know my district’s emergency plan and escape routes?
  • Do I know what my role is in case of fire?
  • Do I take time to participate in fires safety training and drills?
  • Do I keep my work area free of combustible dust and debris?
  • Do I dispose of chemical-soaked rags and combustible materials properly?
  • Do I keep electrical equipment free of dust and grease and in good operating condition?
  • Do I use caution when operating welding or other spark-producing equipment?
  • Do I make sure all electrical equipment is grounded and protected?
  • Do I clean up or report all spills of flammable material or chemicals?
  • Do I use grounding and bonding wires when transferring flammable chemicals from one container to another?
  • Do I ensure I never overload circuits?
  • Do I make sure no one smokes in unauthorized areas?

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