Alex Binger, Treasurer/CFO, Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers

By Alex Binger posted 05-18-2021 10:26 AM



Years in the school business profession

How did you first learn about and then become involved in the school business profession?
My father Alan became the Treasurer at Clyde-Green Spring Exempted Village Schools in 1990. I spent a ton of time in that Board office and even did some school projects on school finance as early as elementary school. Which I am sure was a thrill for my teachers! I have basically always wanted to be in the profession.

What is your proudest career accomplishment?
Being hired to be the successor to my father at Vanguard-Sentinel.

What do you feel is the most important part of your job?
Customer service. I want every staff member, whether they are certified, classified, or administrative, to feel that they can rely on my office to make it easier to do their jobs.

What is one thing you feel makes your district unique in the state?
I think there may be one or two others, but Vanguard-Sentinel is not actually at the 2-mill floor for career techs. We collect 1.6 mills and have never went on the ballot for new money.

Top professional bucket list item
Retire from VSCTC and be at least partially responsible for informing a new generation of Ohio students about school finance positions.

Top personal bucket list item
Win a few SCA competitions or KCBS competitions

What song best describes you?
Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira

Favorite TV Show?
Top Gear/The Grand Tour

Favorite Movie?
Monty Python and the Holy Grail